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Best Tips for Traveling in Chefchouaen

Best Tips for Traveling in Chefchouaen

Best Tips for Traveling in Chefchouaen

Due to its geographical position the city of Chefchaouen and its territory belong to the field of the mountain of Rif. It is a region characterized by hilly landscape, valleys and a typical Mediterranean vegetation cover. The construction of the town of Chefchaouen was instigated in 1415 JC by Sharif Mullay Ali Ibn Rachid better known by Ibn Joumaa .. His company was part of a context of local resistance to the Iberian conquest.

The city is so popular among so many travelers from Europe or Asia , the northern culture of Morocco differs from other part of the country and in chefchaouen you will stumble on some native handcrafts that can't be found in other places in Morocco. Handmade Blankers and Wool garments are two main products that are sold all over chefchaouen. The town is keeping its authencity by not turning the whole city into a touristic town as they want to keep the traditional and conservative aspect of the city.

Now ,lets move to serious talk and mention some of the activities and places you could engage in while there.


Its a must to see the sunset and sunrise while hanging around there. Change your routine for a day and wake up early in the morning get to the rooftop of either your riad or a cliff and we promise that you will enjoy one of  the most magical sunrise you will see ! Many people head to the hill located near the Spanish Mosque where you will have both a perfect view of the city and a sublime sunset to watch.


2-Accomodation in Chefchaouen

There are so many choices when it comes to accomodation in Chefchaouen! most of the young travelers opt for hostels or riads which are very commun, but another possibly is to rent a house there for a very low price ! You can either do it by Airbnb or spot those guys that await for you when you get off the bus , they will be holding and shaking some house keys ! 

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If you were to buy something from the street shops or even the stores, one advice would be to always bargain ! Bargain as low as you can, as a tourist you wouldn't know the real price and many moroccan sellers will try to fool you , tho in Chefchaouen it is not as commun as in big cities like Marakech but definetly try to keep the price tag low !