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Ourika Valley Day Trip

Ourika Valley Day Trip

Ourika Valley Day Trip

The Ourika Valley is located beneath the High Atlas Mountain , Deep within the valley , up in the mountain you will find a rushing waterfall. The region is inhabited mostly  by Berber people or Amazigh as they are originallt called, where they practice a traditional way of life. Despite its proximity to Marrakech, it is still considered relatively "unspoiled".

There are alot of ways to get there , either individualy or by choosing a tour from marrakech with a local guide who will accompany you during the whole tour . On your trip to Ourika , make sure to visit these 3 places : 



 ⇒ Beyond the turn-off for Aghmat and 33km from Marrakesh along Rte d’Ourika is the town of Tnine (aka Tnin l’Ourika), a worthwhile detour for a visit to its lush saffron and botanical gardens. Tnine is also home to one of the Ourika Valley's finest cultural museums, a good starting point for delving into its Berber heritage. You may run into donkey traffic here when the Monday souq takes place.


Setti Fatma

⇒ Setti Fatma is a very touristic stop for lunch by the river and for hikes to seven waterfalls. The village is  nestled under the foor of  the High Atlas mountains located at the at end of Ourika Valley road.

Best time to visit is around  early March when the cherry and almond trees are in bloom, or in August for the four-day moussem, with its fair and market at the koubba of Setti Fatma. During the summer, the place is clogged with visitors from Marrakesh, so consider heading, instead, to the splendidly untrammelled neighbouring valleys of Zat and Ouirgane. 



⇒ Aghmat (aka Rhmat, Ghmat or Jemaa Rhmat) is a small old town 31km  far from Marrakesh, and also a missing a key turning point in Moroccan history. This town more known as an Idrissid dynastic capital from  the period of AD 828 to 1058, and  which was was considered an important stop for the camel caravans from sub-Saharan Africa through Sijilmassa.