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Welcome to Volgograd

Welcome to Volgograd

Welcome to Volgograd


Welcome to  the Hero city , where the battle of Stalingrad occurred during the Second World War .

It is a city over 1 million residents located in the southeast of the European part of Russia .Considered to be one of the longest cities in the world, it stretches along the banks of the  Volga for about 120 km.

During the Battle of Stalingrad, the city was almost completely destroyed and had to be rebuilt.

  Mother Russia 


One of the iconic statues in the world of Mother  and which represents the main attraction in the city of Volgograd . In 1967 It was considered to be the tallest statue in the world( is 87mtrs) high) but ceased to be, it represent the Memorial Complex that commemorates the Battle of Stalingrad in 1942-43.

You can't miss the statue since it is on top of the Mamayev Kurgan Hill which is one of the tallest point in Stalingrad and was a very strategic spot during the war. Imagine being under that statue where you don’t even reach to its toe . If you can’t grasp its height , lets say it is twice the height of the Statue of Liberty.

The memorial complex has various statues and memorials to the thousands (millions) that lost their lives at the Battle of Stalingrad. Part of it has the noises of the battlefield, others some crazy wall graffiti with poses all leading up to the main Motherland Calls statue on the brow of the hill. If in Volgograd you can’t miss it plus Admission is free, so make sure to visit

Stalingrad Battle Museum :

 In just over 5 months an estimated 2 million people died

Stalingrad was only another town on the map for the all-conquering Nazi’s and of no strategic importance in 1942 but Hitler diverted armies away capturing Moscow so he could conquer the south and take the town of Stalin’s name.The soviet has had horrific losses thus far Stalin ordered a ‘no backwards step’ policy and one of the bloodiest battles in history began.

Definitely worth a visit as your present worldly situation derives from it. On the grounds is the shell of the mill that remains untouched since the war as a reminder of what any of the few remaining standing buildings looked like.

Admission is not free but costs only 150Rubles ! so make sure to go visit and let us know how your visit went.